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September 26, 2006


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I suspect big institutions focus on big problems. The primary beneficiaries of AIDS funding will probably first be AIDS research scientists, not patients, not patients' families. The benefits are yet to develop.

I think MN works because it focuses on people who are struggling to help themselves-we just provide a little 'seed money'. Some of us have families who were able to help in that 'crunch' (mine was a tuition bill, 20 years ago), but not everyone has family who can (or will) help.

Looking at some of the historic requests, MN's helped the lame walk and the deaf hear and blind see. (This sounds familiar from somewhere.)

That paltry $97K for Katrina relief-- how many Americans did that put back in their houses or put their breadwinner back to work ? -- probably 97 times 4 or 5. 400 lives (or more) turned almost back to normal for $250/head ?

When I read the testimonials, I know I've invested in my fellow man and the return on the investment is GREAT.

I really found this really encouraging.I am a recent partner (yesterday) who is really struggling right now but I know maybe my small donation will somehow make a difference. So this article really came at a time for me that really uplifted because I know in numbers (not necessary dollars) people can do big dollars. This organization has a heart and that is the key that will make the difference in time. I think the whole cause of modest needs is not only a great idea but such a warm and compassionate idea that has helped so many. I hope to do more later but at least for now I am doing something and believe me I speak from experience this Cause is a flat out Miracle to help people who really need it when others turn there back and they have nothing else to hope for. No hand to reach out and help them back on track. Just doors slammed in there face. Every dollar is a dollar given from such kind hearts of people that is what makes a difference. The blessing that goes with the money.

When I read the requests and testimonials, I see where each month MN helps our neighbors get through their crises and sometimes the helped neighbors join the helping neighbors going forward.

Oh, and occasionally, MN is part of somebody's miracle.

Where else can you be part of that for $30/month ?

Tribal Elder said:

When I read the requests and testimonials, I see where each month MN helps our neighbors get through their crises and sometimes the helped neighbors join the helping neighbors going forward.

One of the most remarkable parts of Modest Needs (to me, anyway) is the number of funded applicants who eventually return to Modest Needs as donors. That happens more than just 'sometimes.'

In fact, I know the actual figure.

On average, only about 3.5% of the people who are helped by other charities return to those charities as donors, even when they're 'back on their feet.'

That said, would anybody like to take a guess at what percentage of Modest Needs' funded applicants eventually return to Modest Needs as either short or long-term donors?

Go ahead. Take a guess. I'll be interested to see what you think.

Now *this* should be fun!

I know for a fact it donations frequently come from people who gave up something to give. At Carpenter Elementary last year my daughter's 1st grade class did everything from gardening to cooking at home to raise money for hurricane relief. The challenging part was when that was all done and they were still asked for 2 full weeks to give. Not one to ever give up Anna yanked a tooth before it was ready to go so she could give the dough to Mrs. Arthur for the kids who were victims who would need important things. Food you may think? Absolutely, but Anna's concern was that they have a special doll. It took 8 months for the tooth to come in. I applaud people like my daughter who truly care about others.

Okay, I'll go first -- 10% return as donors, 3 times the national average.

Dr. Keith-

Your NY interview answered your question. 65% ! That is astounding.

2/3rds of the donees are motivated to help.

It sounds like MN is helping hardworking people who can be helped.

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