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September 15, 2006


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I want to hear more because I think this book is going to be awesome. This site you have created is wonderful and you must have some wondeful gifts from God like some of the preachers who write do.. I personally like Joel Osteen. But I am telling you its in you and this book will be great. So tell us all you can I think I am sure what ever you are lead to write about will be a hit. Thanks again for your outstanding ideas and deeds. YOu made them come alive of course with Gods help. But you have worked hard and so many have been helped. When no one else cared. Thank you

I'd love to hear a couple of the myths, just to get an idea. I think it's an interesting premise, and you have a really unique take on the situation, with the history of the creation of Modest Needs.

I would definitely like to hear more. As a non-profit in the virtual world of Second Life, I've already encountered one major bogus non-profit that dominates the scene (and shall go nameless). Can you say '80% overhead and the rest goes to political causes instead of research'?
On another topic, I mentioned Modest Needs in the brief sidebar about my order of mendicants, the Avatars of Change, that is slated for the first book about Second Life coming out soon. It's editor's discretion, and just a small sidebar, but I had to get word on my favorite charity out there.
May the Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!
Br. Taras
Prelate, AOC, Second Life

Definitely tell us more! Don't worry, I will certainly still buy a copy, even if you were to post the entirety!

I would be interested in the myths. One our family and friends likes to dispel and one you dispel with your "small change world of difference" is everyone can contribute to wonderful good even if they are not wealthy. I think one of the best ways of giving is automatically from your check each week. Sears offers that and it works out really well.

I too would be interested in the myths. Having run a TINY Non Profit for 20+ years we have encountered problems in the RUMORS area. Damage Control then kicks in and our families may have to wait for us to stay on task for them. It's so hard to not let it make you just want to throw in the towel. Yet we never have. We then are bogged down dispelling and proving wrong anything that one person has "put out there" to keep our integrity in tack. No matter what reason a person could have to try to make us look bad, it was painful, to be lied about, and the fear that future and current donations would or could cease would be a terrible end to a lifetime of self sacrifice on the parts of my family and volunteers. Since we are so small I wonder how many Myths hinder our ability present day, and in the years past to help many families find what they are in need of. I know of a couple of myths about non profits, the large ones, but am very curious to see what else is out there!
Can't wait to read your book!
Loretta Shortman
Director OHO NJ

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