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November 30, 2006


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I caught the last half of the show and was touched by it. The studies are soooo true. Any time I'm feeling down or having a pity party, I make sure to go do something good for someone because it always lifts my spirits. It's like a self-help therapy that's FREE! I serve meals at our local Salvation Army after work and I always leave there feeling energized - I can't explain it; I just know it works!

I was able to watch the show and I was so glad that I did. The things they said made sense to me...like the "Helper's High" that you get when you give. It really does feel good to give.

I saw the show. I think most people try to give to charity. I know I'm not religous and my husband Aaron and I tithed the 10% of income while we worked for Sears to The United Way. I was a bell ringer for Salvation Army for 3 years and wrote the bell ringing song and almost everyone tried to donate rather they were rich or poor. I don't think we need one or the other, I think we need the contributions from both. I know you mentioned in a previous blog about those children donating which you found touching and I would love to see a special on that. I know at Carpenter Street School, in Midland, Michigan the 2nd graders sold over 1200 hand made muffins and cookies to buy 10 gifts for the Sharing Tree. I think if everyone worked to help charity as hard as kids do it would be very worthwhile. John Stossel always loves feedback and great comments like yours, I'm sure he would welcome a call from you. His number is 1-212-456-7301. Have a wonderful holiday and new year. karen

I think people feel overwhelmed sometimes. For me, I had to just focus down and pinpoint two areas of continuing need where I can focus.

It does not surprise me that the working poor give more. I think we know what it feels like to need.

You know i was reading what i believe her name is Karen said if i am wrong ,(my apologies) she said that we know what it feels like to need and so we tend to give more i am so into that 1 STATEMENT,IT BLEW ME AWAY,I think personally she is so right i give during holidays and i give clothes and we even have given away computers which we have now if anyone needs any for thier kids i am sure my husband would be able to put a few together and they may not be ""THE BEST" and kids may only be able to do homework on it but to tose families that don't have any and they have teenagers who need them for school ,it doesn't really matter if they can play EQ2 on it as long as it works and well, as long as its in thier price range which from us would be free, contact whoever runs this and they can contact me ,as i said they are lder midels and not greatest but they will run, isn't that whats most important for the children?

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