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January 15, 2007


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Mr. Gardner's struggles were painful to watch, and only his absolute relentlessness got him through to the end of the internship. He is an example that there is opportunity for all, but we can't expect everybody to be THAT tough.

Some of us have been blessed to have somebody (family or friend) who was willing and able to help in that crisis--we worked HARD, we didn't have to be Chris-Gardner-tough.

I give so, hopefully, somebody else who is working hard doesn't have to be quite THAT tough.

Mr. Gardner is tough, and many unknowns are the same way. I am ecstatic that they made a movie of his struggles and the accomplishments. I can surely relate to him. I have a toddler that is the apple of my eye, and I too would go to the end of the world for my son. I have a surplus amount of education, and all of my employers have paid me well. There are other issues that lie behind that. Being epileptic, losing jobs due to the seizures, or being labeled as a "secret liability". Having been evicted twice. Feeding my son while I am physically nausea due to my own hunger. I survived. Not being able to get medical assistance from the gov't due to my income being more than $193.00 ($504.00)I to osurvived. Losing my mom and not having any family near by to assist in my time is strenuous need. I too survived. I have a decent paying job that I just started in December although I have been missing days due to several surgeries that my son has had, I am still hanging in there.I don't have much of anything, but I do have hope and the smile on my son's face that keeps me going. Did you know that you can't get foodstamps if you are homeless and have no residence to give them? Did anyone know that some charities would rather suggest you go to a shelter than help you with an apartment application and rental fee? Sometimes I look at my life and feel that I got a raw deal with my health issues, etc but I am BLESSED because it could be alot worse. I don't have the big home, fancy car, or six figure job, but I am happy that my son can eat and I can clothe him. I am still chaing my "pursuit of happiness", and one day I will get there. Until then, I will keep on keeping for the sake of teaching my son never to give up, and be thankful for the small things that is gained. GOD is good.

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