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May 19, 2007


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Dr. Keith-

Your caller didn't want to be helped, merely enabled.

Don't let these kinds of events grind you down.

MN has gotten where it is because YOUR vision was to help. The donees returning as donors rate at MN is an indication this community is helping people who can be helped and who have been helped and who want, in turn, to help.

I am sorry this person expected help when it was obviously an ongoing issue until the motorcycle was sold. I think you guys have actually turned into not just a stopping point for financial help but actual counseling. I am so grateful for all the help I received from Modest needs and find myself in situations due to health problems but not due to material things. It sounds like that motorcycle was a burden she was carrying. Prob in other ways she thought she was helping her son but was taking out the financial strain the motorcycle was putting on her and I think you guys did the right thing. I want you to know you all are just so special and dont let anyone who doesnt look outside the box get to you. God bless.

I work with clients that have relocated and are recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Many have truly heartbreaking stories and are in difficult situations. For those that qualify, I have been able to tap into funds available from the Red Cross Hurricane Recovery Program to meet one time needs that they could not other wise afford to meet on their own. The requirements are similar to modestneeds.com. The needs must be one time rather than on going needs and caused by the disaster and part of an on going recovery plan. I am grateful to have those limits, because it would be so hard for me to say "no" but it would not be ethical to enable someone to continue in choices that lead to further dependence on an outside source. It is also important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and we can learn from them. I think it is important not to dwell on the error, but to make every effort to make better decisions on the future. I like the way that your staff tried to guide the client into making a better choice for her future.

Dr. Keith,
Modest needs is anything from modest, it is such a blessing!! We personally would not have made it through without you. My husband is actively dying with cancer and your staff has listened, helped, heard me cry and worked very hard to assist.This was something so unforeseen and it is a shame so many people think they are owed something to them.A motorcycle?? come on now, we go without food sometimes.Thank God for you!!!!

Keith I think you did an excellent thing by telling this person NO!! Many times people have chosen to spend their money wisely and expect someone else to bail them out, which really doesn't teach them how to handle their finances responsibly. People need to understand that there are consequences to every choice you make. If you choose to spend your money unnecessarily there is obviously going to be a necessity that has to be sacrificed. I think it is a shame when people just hand over money to those who choose to spend it foolishly.

I commend all of Modest Needs for being nice enough and caring enough to say NO!! Keep up the great work!!

This post has really helped me. I am struggling with two parents who are in financial crisis. While their situation is a difficult one (ongoing health issues and inability to work), their poor financial choices have made the situation even worse (buying a car they could not afford to make payments on, leasing cell phones, paying for premium cable versus basic cable, even gambling). Saying no to them is difficult because I love them. But I also can not sacrifice my financial stability in order to save them from their poor choices. Thank you for the work you do and for this post.

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