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December 17, 2007


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Sometimes it's not a true exclusion. Sometimes it's poor customer service-a mistake-but since the mistake makes the big organization money, the big organization has NO incentive to admit and correct its mistake-unless you are prepared to really be a persistent annoyance.

The best way to be a persistent annoyance is to copy the state insurance dept and AG with you letter to the company's president, sent certified mail to the company's registered agent, making clear how is is you think you've been cheated AND asking how many other consumers have been similarly mistreated.

To the company, these are class-action lawsuit questions. To the AG or State Insurance Dept. head, this is an invitation for them to generate news. If it is an honest mistake, the company will want to be able to tell the AG they resolved it with you. If they're crooks, they still won't want the AG snooping around. If it's a legit exclusion, you'll get a real explanation, instead of some baloney.

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