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June 16, 2010


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How'd I hear about Modest Needs? Simple: when one of the most compelling bloggers in the country up and switches careers, she has some very good reasons for doing so.

Well, aren't you nice? Thanks, boomer.

It's a testament to the power of the web that I really can't tell you how I got here. I'm sure I followed some link off of some website. I do it all the time. I do have to say that not very many things like this compel me to make an immediate donation but I'm pretty darn sure I did my first donation that day or in the few days following and I have no other organization that I have a consistent pledge with like this although many have asked. My own church is the only one that gets money nearly as consistently.

Brittany, I'm glad you are eating your words too. :)

Peg, you are what Modest Needs is all about.

I've never been more glad to be wrong. :)

I read a small article in Reader's Digest in November 2002 and have been a monthly donor ever since. Wish I had more time to read the applications and allocate points myself, but so confident in the pre-qualification process that I trust the MN staff to do it for me. I'm very proud to be able to help people in such a direct and life-changing way.

I first heard about Modest Needs through an article CNN ran late last year. I immediately went to the website, read everything that I could, and became a monthly donor. When I was much younger, I needed money for college, and without my even asking, one of my co-workers shelled money out of her savings for me to be able to go. It's something I've never forgotten and I was actually able to pay her back...10 years later! Seeing this website and learning about this charity reminded me of her selfless act and how much I've always wanted to help others like she helped me. Thanks to Modest Needs, I'm able to do so.

You monthly donors are so great. Thanks for being a regular supporter of those with modest needs, Cathy. That's terrific.

You rule, Jorja. Thanks for being a regular donor, and an active participant in the Modest Needs community.

Keep on keeping on.

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