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June 22, 2010


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Social injustce begins when a person never has a chance from the start. It is hard for a child who listens to screaming at home or hides from blows to focus on their education all day.
Lack of education has been correlated with higher levels of incarceration, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, drug use and unemployment, lower lifetime earning potential, higher rates of domestic violence, early disability and homelessness. . . Almost every social problem we have today can be traced to education.
I know little about education but I think we should not allow students to "drop out" in this country and we should more easily fund post secondary educations. We should support more parenting classes and continue to put money into programs like Head Start.

An ounce of prevention as they say. . .

The speeding example is a good one. But if you're saying that social injustice is treating people differently when all other factors are equal, the neighborhood examples fall short, unless you can say that a medical facility could make the same amount of money there that it could in a wealthy suburban area, or that a school there has the same tax rate as one in the suburbs. I'm not saying those things are "fair." I'm saying they're not social injustice by the definition you gave.

Good point, Joan. And an important one. I am going to amend the post. Thanks for your comment!

Allison, I think you hit the nail on the head. Supporting parenting classes is a fantastic idea.

Social injustice to me is...The credit score, and those who use it to categorize you under a cretin risk factor. Example having perfect credit, but your husband gets laid off for lack of work in the area, you are no longer able to pay your credit card bills and provide food for your family as well, you get a bad credit score. Or you are renting a house, end up having to move out of the house because you lost your job, now you owe them thousands of dollars for something that you are not living in anymore, and it ruins your credit keeping you from renting anywhere else. credit score also makes your car insurance go higher, keeps you from applying for some jobs, makes any loans such as car loans charge you more interest...all in all if you have one mistake or have tones of mistakes, you end up in the same boat as all the people that have never paid their bills on time...The more money you have the lower your rates are...how does that work shouldn’t the people that make less money be the ones that need the lower rates...Or for that matter I would also say Social injustice is bank fees or late fees, I already have problems paying you the money I owe so you make my bill higher, making it harder for me to ever be able to pay you back...gawd talk about kicking people while they are already down.

Tanya - Don't even get me started on the whole credit score thing. You know what? About a month ago, I checked my credit score for the first time in a year. You wouldn't BELIEVE all the mistakes - it was crazy. Even my NAME was wrong on one of my reports. Six weeks later, I've gotten things nearly cleaned up, but you wouldn't believe what I had to go through just to prove that one of the credit agencies had changed my name incorrectly! In any case, if you're having an issue with a credit bureau, while I'm not a professional, I do know a thing or two. If I can help, let me know. But you're right. The very idea that this mathematical formula, which is never disclosed to us, is used to determine our 'credit worthiness' is maddening to me. You know what's worse? That the data in the credit report is ours - it belongs to us! - and yet, we have to pay to see it?!?! That's like asking George Lucas to buy a ticket to Star Wars.

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