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June 11, 2010


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Welcome to the team Brittney! I am a relatively new supporter of Modest Needs and am really happy to be part of such a meaningful organizations. I've read the requests for help, and I know when you fund someone, you get their thank you, but what I'd be interested in seeing is how they are doing now. I don't know if that's even possible, if applicants would want Modest Needs contacting them say 3-6 months after they've been funded to see where they are now and if they are still doing okay. Either way, I'm just happy to help.

Hi, Jorja!

Thanks for being my first commenter, and thanks for support of Modest Needs.

And thank you for your terrific suggestion! I love that idea, and I definitely plan to do follow up posts with former recipients. Even some videoed interviews!

Stay tuned, and I appreciate your participation. You rock.

Welcome, Brittney! Outreach is crucial to promote Modest Needs. Lots of folks out there are not aware of the good work being done by this group. I really like being a part of MN--this is the only charitable organization I have set up as an automatic monthly donation; my partner did the same. I agree that it would be wonderful to know how individuals and families who have been recipients are doing later on. Thanks for coming on board!

Ditto the probable thousands of those out there who are thinking "Welcome Brittney!" Keith's email inroduction of you and your background was inspiring, and I'm so looking forward to the further addition of the 'personal touch' feeling I get when I interact with the staff, or applicants that I offer my donations to. I love the matching grant programs, but I would like to see a little more time added to the period in which we must allocate our 'points.' Of my 2000 available, I only managed to personally fund with about $700 before it transferred to the General Fund. Keep up all of the great work, our Country needs and appreciates it!

Welcome Brittany! Wanted to come on here and let you know the blog is in my reader and there's someone out here! LOL I love Modest Needs and have enjoyed watching it grow. I'm excited to see where this renewed work in social networking takes it.

Peggy in CO

Hi Brittney! I said hi over on Facebook too, but I figured I'd post you a special comment here and say welcome!

I'm glad to see this blog's relaunch! :)

Welcome Brittney! For our family, Modest Needs has become our little social media experiment. I made mention of our application to my Facebook friends and also set up a simple website to keep family and friends informed -http://sites.google.com/site/mattsgreatstart/ (I hope it's ok to include it here). The info was picked up by a FB friend (an old friend from grade school!) who has made it her mission to spread the word online. We are so grateful this opportunity exists to help our family, and in the future we hope to support Modest Needs causes as donors. We are seeing first hand what a difference it will make in our son's life!

Hello Brittany,
I am so thrilled that you have taken on this project. How exciting for you. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about my new pet project. I am also a new donor.

As far as that I would like to see... I would like to hear about ways donors feel that God is rewarding and bringing their donations back to them in all kinds of ways. Whether a person believes in God or a higher power or pure science, there's no denying that we reap what we sow.

Brittney - It was eight years ago that you left one of the first comments ever on the original Modest Needs website. You remember that? That funky website with a splash page and hit counter and every other possible mark of amateurism that I was so proud to have created in only a week - with MS Frontpage to help me? Well, here we are, eight years later. I'm proud to be among the first to welcome you, publicly, to Modest Needs. You'll never know how happy I am to have you here, and I look forward to more of the greatness that has always been the hallmark of your life and work.

Great to see that Modest Needs is now current with technology! :)
Great to have you on board Brittney! I love everything about Modest Needs and updates will be great. I am a fan on FB too! :)

Miriam, Thanks very much for appreciating how important outreach is for Modest Needs. The more word spreads, the more chance to make the world a little brighter.

Your monthly donation and that of your partner is ever so important, as you know, so we thank you kindly.

So happy to be welcomed aboard!

Dianne, you wrote:

"I would like to see a little more time added to the period in which we must allocate our 'points.' Of my 2000 available, I only managed to personally fund with about $700 before it transferred to the General Fund."

That is more than fair request, so I will send this suggestion along, and see if we can't get the time period extended.

Thanks for the warm welcome!!

Peg, thanks for including the Modest Needs blog in your reader. It's great to know at least one person is subscribed! :)

Best wishes, and thanks for the kind words.

@satsumagug: So, I am! Thanks for reading.

@Joan Otto: You are very sweet to double up on the welcomes. Glad you are part of the MN crew.

Elaine, thanks for your great comment.

That's what Modest Needs is all about. Those who once were helped becoming those who now donate. Right on, and good for you!

Suzi, your comment is a great one. And you are right: It will be great to see where those who were recipients are now in their lives.

Stay tuned for updates on former donors that will blow your socks off. :)

Keith, I had almost forgotten about that flashing first website. But hey, all good things must start somewhere, and look where we've come.

I appreciate your warm welcome, and am glad to see you commenting on the Modest Needs blog.


Linda, we are a fan of you, too. :)

Thanks for welcoming me, and hope to see you around here in the comments more often.

Wait, did you just start? Why does it say all the old posts are by you?

Just an admin thing. I suppose you can't specify authors retroactively. (?)

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