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July 20, 2010


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I had a debt collector tell my 12 year old son that they were going to put me and his dad in jail because we didn't pay our bills.

Oh Amy, that is horrible. No child should ever be subjected to that.

I remember when my dad was dying of cancer, the debt collectors called and called. When he finally passed away, neither my mom nor myself were taking calls; however, when the collector reached my aunt, they asked if he had finally died and wanted to know when they would get their money. He hadn't even been gone a day and the harassment intensified. Extremely shameful.

Oh my yes- we once had a company turn over to debt collection a bill that we were actively disputing (phone calls had been made, letters had been written, but we hadn't taken legal action yet.) We tried to get this collector to lay off, and it almost seemed to become personal.

he called at all hours. He called back immediately after I firmly said goodbye and hung up. He yelled. He berated. He threatened things that were clearly not going to happen.

We ultimately had to play the "my Daddy is a lawyer" card, and he had a conversation with him about fair debt collection practices. I shudder to think about this guy intimidating people who don't have resources. I almost would have paid a non-valid debt just to get rid of this frightening man.

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