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September 02, 2010


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Yes you can trust most homeless people. They are broke not thiefs. If they were frauds and thiefs they would be living in nice homes and apartments with the monies they stole or embezzled. We were homeless for 9 weeks and do not use alcohol,drugs or are mentally ill. My Mom lost her home when she was ill and that was how long it took us to come up with first, last and security while we lived in our car under a pier and worked 2 jobs. It was terrifying. The police threaten you and break your windshield, people look at you like an exhibit in a zoo, people ask you to go in the bathroom across the street for anal sex because you must be a prostitue with no morals and you have flies and mosquitoes go at you all night like you are an all you can eat buffet. Homeless people are like everyone else you need to judge individually.

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