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May 25, 2011


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I am 50 years of age and I cant remember the last time I have reallySmiled. It actualy makes me sad to see other people when they smile.Its not that I,m jeloius,cause I love people, when I was yonger people would tell me how pretty my teeth were its hard wantinging to smile and can. people think your mean when your not wow that would be a life changing moment for my family too then they would,nt be able to laugh at me any longer.

Well, as far as teeth goes, it's certainly a part of our body that serves a lot of purposes. Aesthetics isn't the only factor to take care of them, or have them fixed. It's hard to imagine that with this information being so obvious, there's still a good number of people that are so used to poor dental hygiene. I guess education and government support would be a good start for battling this shortcoming.

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