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May 23, 2011


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On pretending to be poor... as a poor person, I'm not offended as long as they don't hide the fact they are pretending, it isn't devious. This brings to mind Barbara Ehrenreich's book-
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.

UGH. This is yet another example of the misuse of grant money. I'm betting her new roomates would much rather food, clothing, heat and their rent/utilities paid with that $85K other than some dumb storefront art project. I think the whole thing is disgusting. I AM a real live poor person and I'm utterly disgusted by this.

I don't even think I understand this. How can you pretend to be poor when you are subsidized by an $85,000 income?

That is like pretending to have cancer when really you don't. You can fake the symptoms, but really, you don't have the disease, and you will never know what it feels like because pretending to be poor is not the same as living it. This woman has money; she is NOT poor.

I guess the only way she will actually understand what it is like to be poor is if, at some point during this year she is pretending to be homeless, she actually does contract a serious illness. Because even $85,000 in funding will not cover her healthcare, hospital, and drug bills if she is uninsured. Some of us have lived the life, Ms. Bruguera, and don't appreciate being patroninzed.

I don't think it necessarily "needs" to be done. Others have already done it (Nickle and Dimed, for example). I feel like I would need more info... what is her ultimate goal? Who does she think she is going to expose to the realities of being poor who don't get it already? Why would this project change their mind. It seems like that money could be more useful in other ways.

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