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June 23, 2011


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This is sad...I also have no health insurance and dont know how I am going to survive and support my son.
I would never rob a bank or resort to illegal measures but when you cant feed your kids and you are headed to the street, it is scary..
Sometimes , life is overwhelming..you want to help yourself, you may have health problems but dont have insurance, and if u are like me, you dont have a car and alot of work experience or a college degree..
you are hit with all kinds of problems at once and u dont no where to turn.
life is very hard when you are a single mother...and the cost of everything is so high.
while alot of hardwworking people are planning their much deserved vacations this summer.. there r people out there stuggling just to provide the basic neccesities.. for them and their children..
Unless you have been there, you dotn understand what it is like...

This post is really sad but doesn't make clear a critical point: this man robbed the bank - for $1.00 - not because he wanted to make a point of some kind or because he needed *just* $1.00. He robbed the bank hoping to be imprisoned because he believed that, in prison, he could get the medical treatment to which he did not have access as a law-abiding, low income citizen of this country. That's the real tragedy of this story - that a man committed a felony so that he could get medical care he couldn't otherwise afford. Absolutely horrible.

Keith, upon re-reading the post I notice you are correct. The most important take away from the new story wasn't clear.

I've edited the post for clarity. Thanks for the comment!

JoAnn, I am very glad you chose to contribute your thoughts on this post. I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. It goes to show that not only this North Caroline man, but that thousands of people in this country are just as desperate, but who are parents and cannot leave their children unattended to seek medical assistance in jail.

The entire story--and every one just like it--is utterly heartbreaking.

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