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July 13, 2011


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not only were the kids taken from their parents, but they are now only allowed to see their parents 6 hours a week. this is just wrong. They are not bad parents, just because they live in a home without modern conveniences.

I'm thankful that people who saw my family needed help growing up, offered, it instead of calling CPS.

Those living conditions would be considered on par or luxurious for the majority of the Earths population, yet once you step foot into America those are grounds for taking children from their parents?! Is anyone looking at indigenous tribes people thinking, "Someone's got to get those poor children out of there, its not safe!" The psychological repercussions for separating a child from its parents can last a lifetime, while being poor doesn't do the same emotional and psychological damage.

Anyone who has any dealings with DSS will know that they don't really care. They mostly have a case load that they are expected to do something with.......not the right way to go about this at all

It's money n control! If everyone at all time lived the way the folks who made up the laws lived, then no problem! However, the economy says different. We support people from everywhere, where is the help here with some of the tax money these poor folk put in?
They don't really care about your children, just a few who work there, the rest it's a good job...

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