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August 25, 2011


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As an Army brat, I've heard about tons of scams: car dealers charging thousands more to recent BT graduates, because the dealers know they still have their signing bonuses; stealing the identity of deployed soldiers because deployed troops rarely have reasons to check their credit (this one happened to my brother); cell phone companies promising to turn off/freeze accounts during deployments and then not doing it, followed by the company charging the soldier ridiculous late fees on top of the regular cell bill (also happened to my brother); and on and on. This one was new to me, though.

I feel sorry for him, but only sort of. If he didnt read the terms then he is at fault. This is how the housing bubble went pop too. I was always taught growing up that you never sign anything til youve read it understand it and agree to it. No matter what it is. Is it a scam? I cant tell if the paperwork didnt say what it would cost or anything and they tried this yep could be, however if it doesnt then how can they hold him accountable? You need to look out for yourself.

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