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November 16, 2011


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Ouf, I've written my own blog posts about the difficulty of telling people about myself! Nice to meet you, Kimberly!

You are *not* certifiably nuts. I hate that feeling in general when you know you're going to have to speak soon but you have to wait for everrrybody else to speak first. I also have a short memory in life, so in school, when I had to tell something interesting about me, I would always revert back to the old standby of, "well...I've never broken any bones."

Glad to see such a lovely heart join and further enhance such an amazing organization! Must admit, I'm a little envious you get to work for Modest Needs! Welcome!

Thanks for the support Lisa and Nora! Nice to meet you both. It's good to hear I'm not certifiably nuts, at least when it comes to making introductions. And Nora: remember YOU DO work for Modest Needs whenever your spread the word about the organization, and work for people who need help directly every time you make a donation. So thank you for being part of the Modest Needs team. We're very happy to have you.

You made a promise to a generous young army officer many years ago that you would try your best to pass it on a 100 times- you are going to surpass your own expectations by miles in your new position!!! Congratulations and dig in....(99, 98,97,96.....)lol and luv from u kno who....

My wife had a stroke 2 years ago , i had to quite work to take care of her and my daughter who has downs syndrome. 11/13/11 my wife separated to go live with her mother. this left my daughter and i with a total income of 752.00 a month with rent taking 650.00 of that, and me with no job. we need help i can only look for work which has been unsuccessful , i can only work from 7am to 2pm while my daughter is at school. I have to be home for her after school. we are running out of time and money before we end up homeless. please help us someone. we have applied for food stamps but that does not pay for heat(natural gas) lights, medication and gas to look for work.

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