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November 23, 2011


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What a great cause and a really good exercise for introducing what you do! Charities like yours really break the mold and I'd gladly donate to anyone that gives me a "cheat code"to access my own gratitude. Keep up the good work!

I'm so glad you guys are rallying some love in the direction of New Orleans.

They need it.

They, meaning a good 60% of people.

consider me launched- it works! i've never had to worry about paying for my nursing license...for 34 yrs. so greatful that worked out for her- she passes it on EVERY day at work, i'm sure....

Thank you for the reminder of how good my life is and how I need to continue to help others, even if it is just a smile I give.

This kind of blog and the responses from people who read it are EXACTLY what the internet/the world needs right now. I am so grateful, appreciative, and filled with love and hope that people will rally whenever there is a true need. Yesterday, my husband - who works a good 50-60 hours a week - went on his last day off of a much needed 4 day break (Thanksgiving 'holiday') to fix something for a 54 yr. old woman who, 4 years, ago had a stroke as she cared for her dying father. She is a traditional northern New Mexican catholic, hispanic, devout to the point of having turned her home into a shrine out of gratefulness at being alive and somewhat functional after a stroke which initially made her blind and immobile. She has recovered most functions but is not 'all there' mentally after the stroke, had grandchildren stacked like cord wood sleeping in her home, a place where you feel the love as soon as you enter (according to my husband). He was there to help her on his own time, for no payment, because she really needed this one last thing completed to be safe in her home after spending her last $700 on an electrical panel last week. It was literally fizzing and snapping without a panel cover behind her refrigerator before it was replaced. When he came home from changing the outlet yesterday, he spoke for over an hour about how that meeting that family affected him, about living on faith and being grateful for every tiny kindness. We suspect there are many people who take advantage of her trust. We have all lost a little bit of magic in the modern world with expecting infinite security. None of us is alone but it feels that way when people around you are not thinking past their own boundaries. Thank you for helping people with modest needs.

These stories never cease to be important reminders for all of us feeling the struggle of this VERY low point. Even though our country feels divided & lost-there are still those with a focus and hope. So necessary in times of hardship. I feel grateful for the life i have and grateful for organizations like modest needs

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