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November 28, 2011


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What keeps me from giving? I don't think I have enough to give- which is just not true and $1 feels like nothing. Also- not true.

I'm a huge fan of City meals on wheels. I give to them anually. I'm also big on any charity or group that can show that the money is going to the cause and not the charity. Those are the groups I like and that I find the money for.

This blog is definitely reminding me how lucky I am and how much I do have to give. Thank you for the humbling reminder of how much I can do for people other than myself.

i support organizations that help people help themselves- heifer internationsal, habitat for humanity, and am definately tilted toward our own (USA). Modest needs qualifies on both counts. I tend NOT to give when those close to me need help- that comes first..it's easy to give when the amounts are small- i know i'm not going to miss it

Well, i should note that i occasionally give. but what prevents me is that i am, myself, broke. when i had a full time job, i was much more giving. the impulse is the same as is was then. the money was just situational, and now i don't have it. in fact, i'm swimming in debt. like the rest of the country.

i try to volunteer when i can to make up for the lack of financial giving.

another thing that prevents me from giving, if it's a cause, i worry that it will be held against me by news organizations i want to work for because it will ruin the facade of objectivity.

What keeps me from giving is people who say they value innovation and then don’t mention any innovative programs, mention something that might be innovative but don’t go into detail, or think that merely existing as an entity separate from everyone else is the same as innovation.

About 20% of the nonprofits I look at mention something about creativity and innovation without offering any proof. It makes me think they're lying, lying to themselves, or too oblivious to know what innovation actually is.

That sounds snarky, (even more so coming from someone who teaches logic and innovation) but people are pretty good at spotting when someone is lying to themselves about how great they are.

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