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December 07, 2011


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As a working artist who is usually underemployed I find it hard to give monetary donations BUT because I have many "tools" in my tool kit I try to find ways where my skill sets can help a charity. Maybe it's volunteering time to hand out flyers, making social media posts on their behalf, volunteering time to help with a fundraiser or making a film to help with promotion. I find that donating personal time is just as good and almost more appreciated then money. Making a personal connection with a charity benefits not only the charity but the community as well. The more personal connection a charity has with the community the stronger the support system is for everyone involved!

Christmas presents. I told family to give it to someone else. It feels easier in this day in age to want less-which opens up more opportunity for charity-in theory.

i guess i take issue with the word sacrifice-it doesn't feel like that. if i donate money or time, or change a simple behavior to acquire more to give, it's not a sacrifise but a well though out donation (sometimes very spontaneous!)change jar, donating wornout vehicles to groups that collect then, clothes to thrift shop for resale for funds to provide charity care for home care clients, carve for the cure..

I'd agree with Susan... if it feels like a sacrifice then you're giving for the wrong reasons. I don't have a particular giving plan or approach - volunteer when i can, drop change in jars when i can, donate online when i can, give "virtual gifts" (eg sponsor a water well) instead of store-bought gifts, spread good words/works via social media... it's what feels right at the time. Maybe it means i don't "get" to do something else for myself or whatever, but that's not the point. I think, when one is "working poor", and unable to grant large sums of money with a bunch of strings or recognition attached, giving is something you do because it feeds your soul...not because it makes you look good.

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